"The truth is, I didn't want to be found."
This is an independent Riku Rp blog. But i tend to linger in all versions like Au, Canon, Etc. If you want to start a thread, or anything really, just drop an ask.


// Gonna linger on this blog for a few days, try to get that der muse back. ;3

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Okay lovelies

// Officially changing my group muse to Zell Dincht.

Riku muse has felt forced lately, and i want to make room for a more adequate interaction with the rest of the group. Same dude, new face!


This blog will still be somewhat active, but not really for the time being. </3

{ ooc ; } Well with my Terra despite the hiatus, I think it’d be fun to see how she behaves with Zell. I expect some…

// Ha! Well, ever since i was little, 8 was my favorite. And Zell was my preferred character. His character, attitude, style, everything i adored. I spent hours practicing his limit break strings, i admit. Could get a ten second string to last about 5 minutes with how fast i could punch in the combinations.

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[mild screeching] you're going to RP as Zell instead of Riku in PF? Awesome!!

// It was a thought. I just want feedback from my brothers and sisters before i decide.

But i’m glad you’re excited!

endsxofxthexearth said:would that mean you’d be dropping Riku? =[

// Well, the group only allows one muse at a time. Which i completely understand. My riku Muse hasn’t been very cooperative lately. And i don’t think it’s fair to have him, unless i’m at my best.

white-bird-in-a-cagesaid:Well… I don’t know who Zell is… but I would try to rp anyway (is he ff8?)

// You’re always supportive no matter what, thanks rayeboo. And yes. :D

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